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Cottage decor accessories are the key to bringing any cottage style design alive.  The right cottage table lamp, the perfect coastal mirror, bright cottage style fabrics, a fun lake house pillow or a colorful beach house area rug are important cottage decor ingredients in executing a memorable cottage furniture or coastal furniture design.    

All of our cottage decor accessories, including our cottage rugs, can be sorted by color, size, pattern and style.  It is the perfect way to find the “just right” accents to complete your cottage style design. Check out our cottage style decorating blog for more cottage decor ideas.

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Rugs Lighting Wall Decor


When considering rugs for areas in your home, ask yourself:  Is it a high traffic area?  Do you want wool, cotton, or natural fiber underfoot?  Is this a big investment or do you plan to replace your rugs every few years to freshen up your home?  If the rug is not central to your design scheme, a more neutral rug works perfectly.  Looking for the perfect color way?  A custom rug may be the answer for you.  Cottage style rugs are a core element of any casual, comfortable design solution.  Frequently room designs are built around a rug you love.  Or the right area rug helps to pull together an existing room.


Before you buy that lamp that you simply MUST have, think about where it will fit in your home.  Will your chunky leg table look right with that delicate chandelier?  Does the lamp height work with your existing side tables – will it dominate the room or fade into the background?  There are so many choices when it comes to lighting, the decision can feel overwhelming.  Rules of thumb: for a dining table, the diameter of a hanging fixture should be about 1/3 of the table’s width; for a table lamp, the visual weight of the base should be about 2/3 of the entire lamp.

Wall Decor

A room without wall decor is simply unfinished.  Almost anything can be considered interesting wall art – you don’t have to limit yourself to pictures, mirrors and/or clocks.  Try a mix of your collectibles or favorite dishes to bring warmth and personality to your home.  More importantly, wall art doesn’t have to be expensive – but it should be something you love!  You can see everything online available for every room and style with all the options and colors to customize your décor.  All of our cottage and coastal wall décor accessories are sorted by type, color, and style.

Throw Pillows Baskets

Throw Pillows

Looking for a beach house & coastal style throw pillow?  Cottage style?  What about Farmhouse & Country?  Oh, Lodge & Lake House style?  Well, whatever style throw pillow you’re looking for, we most likely have it.  The best part about throw pillows is that they are an affordable way to add style and comfort to any home decor or to freshen up an existing look.  Mix and match any styles together to create something that’s unique for you.  You’re able to sort by color, price or style on our site to find a throw pillow that completes your design.


Baskets are more than just storage space keeping clutter out of sight.  They can also function as a full display group or simply an accent piece that adds unique style to any space in your home.  The Cottage Home basket line consists of hand woven, high quality, traditionally styled rattan that will remind you of simpler times.  Choose from coastal cottage styles to more traditional French country weaves.  Discover the possibilities!

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