Porch Wicker Furniture

Porch Wicker Furniture Collection

The Porch Wicker Furniture Collection is made of rattan frames and is hand woven out of rattan core.  Rattan is yielding and durable, thus making it an excellent material for use in the construction of furniture.  Due to its flexibility and strength, it is in many ways more durable than wood.  We believe that this all natural product we offer is one of the better choices.  Since each reed is naturally slightly different than the other, there might be slight differences in hue and color. This is not to be considered a defect but rather part of the beauty of owning a product made of natural materials.

Due to the properties of the material and the manufacturing and finishing process, Porch Wicker is suitable for limited outdoor exposure.  Limited outdoor exposure refers to outdoor use, but on a covered porch or patio.  Porch wicker, of course, is perfect for indoor use as well.

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