Chairs, Stools & Benches

Chairs, Stools & Benches

We offer a full range of seating options which are all finished to order – stained, painted, solid, rubbed, two color rubs, glazed, waxed – in over 90 colors and 15 stains.  We also offer custom paint and custom stain options.  All of our seating can be finished to provide matching sets of dining tables and chairs, dining tables and benches, kitchen tables and chairs or kitchen tables and benches.

Our dining chairs, stools & benches are of heavy duty construction for long lasting service and have been field tested for comfort.  Uncomfortable chairs are not offered.  Most of our wood dining chairs can be supplied with rush seats, wood seats or upholstered seats.  Wicker dining chair seat cushions are available with any of our fabrics.  Our wood dining benches are custom made in the USA and can be produced to any length.  We also offer other stock length bench designs which can be finished to order.

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