What do you want to see when you first wake up?  How do you want to be soothed into slumber?  Your bedroom is your own private sanctuary.  Considering how much of our lives we spend asleep, investing in a bed & mattress you love is important.  Having enough storage is also a consideration.  If you have the space, a chair or bench can be very useful for bedrooms – whether you use it as a clotheshorse or as a seat for putting on shoes!  Remember to plan for your lighting needs.

Cottages are often in fun locations, ensuring frequent guests, so maximizing sleeping accommodations is a must.  Daybeds and trundles are good options for small spaces to increase sleep capacity.  Low-profile footboards are also a good choice for smaller cottage rooms to provide a solid bed frame without the mass of a standard, larger footboard.  Made-to-order lower height headboards are a good option for rooms with low eaves.  Enjoy exploring all of our cottage furniture collections and options!  Questions?  Call us at 866-223-2757.

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