Study & Office

Study & Office

Is your home office for personal or business use, or a little bit of both?  What sort of atmosphere should it have?  How much storage do you need?  Any unused corner of your home can be turned into a functional communication center.  The nature of the space and the requirements of the activities you pursue in it will guide the way you set it up, but remember, it’s still part of your home and should reflect the look you are trying to achieve.  Be realistic – it doesn’t matter how cute your desk & chair are if they’re not comfortable to sit and work at!  Even in your cottage, there is a need to stay connected, so a desk and computer station is usually part of the overall design plan.  Why not have fun with the color?

Our cottage style office furniture is all individually bench-built by skilled craftsmen in the USA.  This enables us to not only offer many sizes and configurations, but we can also provide custom dimensions and options.  We can design and build office furniture to accommodate any equipment configuration.  All of our painted study and office furniture is finished to order.  Questions?  Call us at 866-223-2757.

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