Dining Room & Kitchen

Depending on how you want to use your dining room, keep in mind you and your guests will probably linger over meals in this room. Are your chairs comfortable? Do you have adequate seating? Is there a cabinet to hold your china & glassware? Can the lighting be dimmed? This is your chance to create a true dining experience.

Selecting your central dining table can be a good place to start with design plans. Dining rooms tend to be for more formal meals, while the kitchen table is not only where you and your family break your daily fast, it usually functions as a project center. In today’s homes, the dining area is often part of, or adjacent to, a great room structure – therefore, it needs to relate to both the kitchen and the casual living area. A farmhouse-style table is one of the most versatile tables for any design aesthetic. It can be country, cottage, modern, rustic, etc., depending on its styling, color and surrounding decor, including which dining chairs you will use with your table.

We consider ourselves dining table experts and have extensive experience designing table and chair configurations for any size dining room or kitchen. We are here to help!


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