Cottage Style

So, exactly what is cottage style?  Let’s start by looking at what it is not.  A cottage is not bound by traditional rules of decorating.  It is not something you buy in a package of pre-coordinated furnishings.  A cottage room is not one that is reserved for company or for special occasions.   Above all else, a cottage is meant to be lived in.

· Banish the bland interior.  Cottage style uses color and pattern to help define space.
· Add texture to your space. Mix and match using casual bright fabrics.  Use florals and stripes, checks and plaids, solids and patterns in a coordinated casual cottage theme.
· Create an authentic interior. Emphasize the old and mix with the new.  In a typical American-style cottage you are likely to find wood and wicker, reclaimed wood or painted furnishings and distressed surfaces.
· Set the stage with wood flooring and area rugs.  A cottage floor is meant to be walked on and easy to care for!
· Just as in fashion, the right accessories help make the ‘look’.  Let your personality shine through.


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