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Cheyenne Farm Table


Standard Height: 30-32″H. Standard top: 3/4″ to 7/8″. Thick top: 1.25″ to 1.50″. Extra thick top: 1.75″ to 2″. Standard breadboard: 2″. Apron: 4″H. The Cheyenne Farm Table is an authentic farmhouse style table with highly detailed turned legs. Custom bench-built for you. Other leg styles available.

The Country Farm Tables & Furniture Collection offers farm tables & furniture constructed with  “slow-growth” Appalachian Pine, a renewable resource, and finished with water-based paints. Each table is bench built and hand assembled, hand distressed and rubbed, ensuring no two tables are exactly the same! Table tops and bases available in standard woods: pine (used when staining), poplar (used when painting) and premium woods: maple, oak or cypress. Made in the USA. See color and customization tabs below.

Available in 6 standard stains and 40 standard paints. All products are finished with a clear coat to provide a durable surface. Custom paint finishes are also available. Unsure of paint or stain color? No problem! Simply choose TBD (to be determined) as your color choice. We’ll send you samples to help you choose the perfect color for your piece of furniture. Furniture orders can be placed into production without the final color choice.

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Any size. Standard Length: 5ft-12ft. Standard Width: 34-49″W. Standard Height: 30-32″H. Completely Customizable.

Wood Options

Hardness: Pine/Poplar 350 – 400, Cypress: 500 – 600, Maple 900 – 950, Oak 1250 – 1300. All wood is dried to a 7-9% moisture content to minimize swelling and cracks. Pine is the most economical material, stains nicely and, since our tables are already distressed, can be an excellent choice. Since pine does have knots, they can bleed through surfaces, particularly with lighter colors. However, knots do add character to distressed wood tops. Bleed through on painted finishes can be avoided with a poplar top. Bleed through on stained finishes can be avoided with a maple top. Cypress is extremely decay and insect resistant due to the naturally occurring preservative known as cypressine. Therefore, a Country Farm table constructed out of cypress can be used outdoors! Wormy maple has some unique markings to provide additional character to the maple wood. The Ambrosia beetle causes the wormy pattern in Soft Maple lumber and the result is very unique-looking lumber. The wood has beautiful brown and gray stripes with small worm holes, which does not affect the final performance of the lumber in any negative way. Oak is a hard wood with distinct grain patterns. The grain on painted oak will still be visible.

Color Options

40 standard paints, 6 standard stains. Custom colors available.

Top Options

Planked tops are built with the original tongue and groove construction, not machined. Groove width and height differences between planks can vary due to the normal movement of wood caused by temperature and humidity changes. These variations can be more noticeable in longer tables and pine tables. These variations can cause a plate or glass to rock on the table top. Plank widths can vary depending on material and top thickness but average 6-8”. Planks can be equal width or random width. Planked edges and corners will be rounded. Wood planks in a seamless top will be glued together with no groove between the boards. The different wood planks in a seamless top will be visible, but the differences between planks will vary with the wood type and grains of the planks used in each specific top. Seamless plank widths can vary depending on material and top thickness but average 4-6”. Seamless planks can be equal width or random width. Edges on seamless tops without breadboard ends can be finished with either a rounded or thumbnail edge. Seamless tops with breadboard ends can only be finished with rounded edges. The hand scraped seamless surface can be uneven and will included random light undulations generated by hand scraping. This surface appearance approximates an original old table.


Optional. A breadboard refers to the contrasting piece of wood at the end of the table. In the past, it was used to ensure that the plank top table didn’t warp, but today is purely decorative. Please note: The breadboard end does move with changes of temperature and humidity, and the ends may extend beyond the table edge during the colder, drier months of the year.


Drop leaf tables have a center minimum width of 18″, and the leaves can be 6″ to 12″. Select total width of table and size of drop leaves to determine center width.

Distressing & Rub

Distressing applies to both stained and painted tables. Rubbing applies to painted tables only. Distressing refers to nicks and dings in the wood, and Rub refers to where the top color is rubbed through to reveal the wood or a second color underneath. Our tables are hand distressed to provide the character of an aged table. Distressing can be specified as light or medium. We can also supply a very light distressing which will approximate no distressing. All of our rubbed paint finishes can be applied with a light or medium rub depending on how much of the top color should be removed to achieve the targeted appearance. We can also can supply painted finishes with no rub (solid). Rubbed painted finishes show small areas of the paint rubbed off, revealing light brown stained wood underneath. A Two Color Rub is when one paint color is applied over another and then rubbed off to reveal the underneath color and the light brown stained wood.


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Pine Stains

Premium Wood Stains: *Natural & Brown Cedar stains only available on premium woods. Maple not available in darker stains.

Any two colors can be combined in a two color rub


Rub & Distressing Options

Preference for rub and distressing is selected separately. For example, you could have a table with light rub and medium distressing or vice versa.

Apron Options

Extension Options

Drawer Options


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