Old Pine Devonshire Trestle Table, Medium Brown Wax, Rough Hewn
Old English Pine Furniture, Trestle Table Extension End ViewOld English Pine Furniture, Trestle Table Extension Side ViewOld English Pine Furniture, Trestle Table Extension With End Extension InOld English Pine Furniture, Old English Pine Chateau Trestle Table, 2" Thick Top, Light Brown Waxed Top with Ebony Painted Base, Rough Hewn Wood, Close Up End Extension

Old Pine Devonshire Trestle Table


Standard Height: 30-31″H. The Old Pine Devonshire Trestle Table makes a commanding statement with the large carved base. It is beautifully handcrafted from reclaimed solid timbers recycled from old buildings. Choose a 1″ or 2″ thick top. Optional breadboard: 4″L for a 2″thick top, 2″L for a 1″thick top. Table height varies with top thickness. Oval or racetrack top requires a 2″ thick top. Other leg styles available. See more specifications below.

Pieces from the Old Pine Furniture Collection are crafted from wood reclaimed from the roof joist or flooring of old buildings. Exposure of this wood to the wind, rain, and sun, over long years, has produced beautiful and weathered surfaces. All Old Pine pieces are rough hewn distressed. Those finished with a wax will have an uniquely rich, soft, low-luster finish.  We also offer 6 standard stain finishes, along with 43 standard paint finishes. By acquiring this piece of Old Pine furniture, you have eliminated the need to cut a new tree and have acquired a history-laden heirloom that can be passed on to future generations. Made in the USA. See color & customization tabs below.

Custom paint finishes are also available. Unsure of paint or stain color? No problem! Simply choose TBD (to be determined) as your color choice. We’ll send you samples to help you choose the perfect color for your piece of furniture. Furniture orders can be placed into production without the final color choice.

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Any size. Standard Length 5ft – 12ft. Standard Width: 36-39″W. Standard Height: 30-31″H. Completely customizable. Need a special size? Contact us!


Old Pine tables are crafted from old timber reclaimed from the roof joist or flooring of old buildings. Exposure of this wood to the elements over the years has produced beautiful and weathered surfaces. The old timber was selected for its graining and distinctive characteristics then de-nailed, planed, and cut. Each table is hand made to order in any size required. After being sanded and hand finished, the result is a finished piece which resembles a genuine antique. Each item is unique and handmade using “old world” workmanship which may cause slight differences in measurements. The minor splitting, cracking, and crazing that may occur creates the antique but spirited look that is part of the charm and appeal of these tables.

Want More Options?

Additional options include rounded corners, routed edges, adding a drawer, modifying the height, cutout apron, and more. Contact us at 866-227-2757 to speak to a table consultant.

Color Options

4 standard waxes, 6 standard stains, 43 standard paints. Custom colors available.


1″Top: 30″H Table. 2″Top: 31″H Table. Table tops vary in size because each piece of wood is different. The thickness of the table top is for aesthetics alone. Actual thickness of top varies: 1″Top = approx. 1-1.5″, 2″Top = approx. 1.75-2″.


Optional. Standard sizes: 2″Breadboard for 1″Top, 4″Breadboard for 2″Top. A breadboard refers to the contrasting piece of wood at the end of the table. In the past, it was used to ensure that the plank top table didn’t warp, but today is purely decorative. Please note: The breadboard end does move with changes of temperature and humidity, and the ends may extend beyond the table edge during the colder, drier months of the year.

Finishing: Wax Vs. Stain

Old Pine Tables are available in a either a waxed or stained finish. There are pluses and minuses to both finishes. Since it is a wood table, both finishes require the use of place mats, coasters, and hot pads to keep from creating water or heat marks on the surface of the table. A waxed finish provides a rich, low luster, softer surface. The advantage of wax is you can re-wax the surface to restore the finish and cover minor wear marks. Since the wood is already distressed, the wax also tends to blend in any more significant scratches or damage. If something major happens the wax can be removed, the surface sanded, and then re-waxed. A stained surface is a tougher, more durable surface. Water marks take a lot longer to form and, since we use a water based varnish, in most cases, water marks will disappear when they dry. The disadvantage to this finish is, if the surface is scratched, it will require professional repair to fix it. Of course, since the wood is distressed to begin with, minor marks just increase the character of the table top and do not stand out.

Waxed Table Care

The waxed top of your table is relatively easy to maintain. Spills of cold liquids (juice, sodas, etc.) can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. This is all you should have to use for the daily maintenance of your yable. HOT/WARM ITEMS will leave rings, etc., and the table must be protected the same way that you would protect any fine furniture. If you get a hot ring/mark on your table that is still very noticeable after re-waxing the entire top, you may have refer to a more detailed repair. See product care instructions (under colors tab) for more details.


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