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Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

Old Pine Cabriole Leg Table, Medium Brown Wax, Old Pine Cabriole Bench
Old Pine Cabriole Leg Table, Medium Brown Wax, Old Pine Cabriole Bench, Close Up
Our reclaimed wood dining tables are crafted to order from wood recycled from the roof joist or flooring of old buildings.  Exposure of this wood to the wind, rain, and sun, over long years, has produced beautiful and weathered surfaces that create the look of an old antique table.  Pine is the most popular reclaimed wood as it was the most common construction material.  Reclaimed pine is much harder than today’s new pine as this old wood was sourced from slower growing pine trees and due to hardening over the years.  It makes for a beautiful and durable farmhouse table!  Besides pine, our dining tables are also available in reclaimed oak.  Each table is made to specific individual requirements by skilled craftsmen in USA workshops.  Each dining table can be designed online to any size, shape, style or color.  

Sizes include both long (more than 12 feet) and narrow (under 30 inches wide).   In addition to a variety of leg styles, our rectangular, round and square dining room tables are available with pedestal, double pedestal and trestle bases.   Company board end extensions are options for rectangular and square dining tables to increase the length of any for special occasions.  Thick tops, smooth tops, planked tops, breadboard ends, round corners and square edges are a few of the many options available on each reclaimed wood dining table.  Each table is unique – no two will look exactly the same.

Reclaimed wood tables are available in 6 stain finishes, 6 wax colors and 42 standard paint colors.  Still not quite right?   We also can provide custom colors.  All table tops are also finished with a final clear top coat to provide a durable, easy to maintain surface for active use.  Painted finishing techniques include rubbed, rubbed & glazed, solid paint, 2 color rubs and stained top/painted base options.  All of our wood dining chairs can be finished to match our tables.  The possibilities are endless!  Color samples are available to help in selecting a finish and to confirm final color selections.   Check out cottage dining room and kitchen decorating on our blog for interesting reclaimed wood table ideas.  Or contact us for help in designing a table or for samples.



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